Upon arriving to San Diego with my lover last October, I started doing many new ecologically wonderful things. We started our organic garden and we have grown from lettuce, broccoli, and cauliflower to just about everything - from beets and carrots to tomatoes and peppers to all sorts of herbs, beans, squash, and the list goes on. Around this same time I also began learning about succulents and just how easy many of them are to grow from cuttings, so out I went night after night all kinds of stealth on my teal/orange bicycle clipping succulents around the neighborhood.

So I have this mass collection of all kinds of wonderful drought tolerant plants now in all sorts of places, the gift just keeps on giving. Now I feel the need to give back. Around my neck of the woods, there are many plots of dirt covered in weeds and trash that just look so sad and worthless. Wouldn't it be lovely to see beautiful plants in all shapes and sizes that need little to no water decorating the streets? That's what I thought... so I adopted my first. It's off the 78 going into my neighborhood and step one was cleaning it up. Tons of cigarette butts, trash, hubcaps, boxes, and bags. After the cleaning was done I recruited my boyfriend to help plant the little fellas and off we went. The dirt patch of nastyness turned into this:

I look a little ragged... so do the succulents at the moment, but it's a work in progress and I've barely scratched the surface of that weedy ground! We mainly put in jade, but there are couple natives from Catalina, an island off the coast of California as well as a native of San Diego county. Soon I'll be cloning native plants like mallow and sage for guerilla gardening galore!

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