BP News update...

This may not be an update for those of you following the spill. It makes my heart cry to see the pictures of dead animals, but makes me REALLY pissed off is that workers for BP, the Coast Guard, Fish and Wildlife Services... all these people are hauling millions more of the oil covered creatures out in boats away from the spill and throwing them away somewhere so no one can see how terrible the damage really is.

No press is allowed on public beaches all along the Gulf Coast. No workers are allowed to speak to reporters or anyone about what's going on. PEOPLE ARE GETTING ARRESTED just for having cameras on the beaches. Where is our freedom of speech? Why is there such a massive cover-up? The new estimated amount of oil spilling into the Gulf daily = 50,000 - 60,000 BARRELS of oil PER DAY!!!

Here's a cool idea though:

When an oil spill occured in San Francisco in 2007, it was cleaned up with hair and mushrooms. The mushrooms literally eat the hair and oil and digest it making ... oyster mushrooms. Paul Stemets, help us save the world!

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