Best Guacamole

I'm not the type to withhold a recipe if I have a great one. I want people love their food as much as I love mine in hopes that people will hold it up to the freshest standards because it's the BEST! Farmers Markets mmmm... here's a pictures of some fresh farmers market goodies I'd like to share with you:

GUACAMOLE - serves 5ish
3 ripe avocados [fresh from the Farmers Market, if they have Pinkerton - do it!]
1 medium tomato or several small tomatoes, homegrown are so fabulous and easy
3 huge garlic cloves
1 whole lime
a bunch of cilantro
some chopped onion or green onion
3 chili peppers, jalapeno, or serano.. whatever you like, spicier the better for me :)

Mmm chop it mix it glob it BA-da-Bing

Note to self - upload some tasty pictures.

PS those are homebrews made by my lover, with my assistance of course.

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