thank you notes :)

Whenever I get an order on etsy, I always make sure to include a little thank you note. Until recently, I pretty much just grabbed my memo pad, wrote a little note, and threw it in the box with the order... I decided it would be way nicer to create a nice little handmade card and envelope and have a bunch of them premade so when I get an order all I have to do is grab the card, write a little line with an individual message for that person and it's done. /// So I made a stack of these great little cards yesterday ///

Perhaps one day I will keep a stock of them available in my shop, but until then they are for my special customers only! :)

I used a german song book for the envelopes and the pages turned out to be the perfect size to hold my cards. I have a stack of blank greeting cards that I cut into 4 smaller ones to make these mini notes. Then I just decorated them with markers, some leaf cut outs in each corner, and my signature tree stamp on the back. Lovely! I think I should write my shop name - Re-Grow Roots somewhere on it, probably the back.

Thanks for checking out my thank you notes! I would love it if you left a comment about your own thank you notes or what you think of mine... or just tell me how you're doing today! I love hearing from my readers. :) It's been raining all night and morning, a perfect light drizzle and I love it.


Learning how to Breathe / My fears

Last night Carlos went out to a local pub, the Black Horse Pub in Hollister. My dad works at the restaurant owned by the same man, Dr. Mike, and he told us about an open mic night they have every monday at 7. I haven't been into playing music with anyone other than myself and the trees lately. Carlos, however, loves playing as much as ever and rarely has the opportunity to play with other folks.. so we went.

I was already feeling very self conscious before we went because when my dad was telling us about it, he said that Carlos should play there and that it's a place for practiced musicians to play, that I wouldn't be able to just sit around and beat on a drum... So I felt like I wasn't good enough.

In most tasks in my life, I am very self confident. I know that I'm a great gardener, a wonderful artist, an interesting story teller, a good driver, a great cook ... so none of these things make me nervous. As soon as I even think about singing in front of people, I feel like I swallowed a whole melon. My throat swells, my heart races, I get totally anxious and nervous. Needless to say, I did not perform last night. Carlos performed wonderfully with many different musicians and was asked to record music with them and jam with them again. I am very happy for him, but I also felt very distant - especially when he started singing House of the Rising Sun, a song I love to sing but never want to sing in public. My anxiousness made me sad because I want to be free and do whatever I feel like doing every moment of my life. I wanted to sing and share my voice with everyone, but I don't want to for fear of criticism from myself and others.

The people there were so wonderful. We met incredibly kind and warm hearted folks that go there every Monday night. It's like a home for them, it's like family. I told stories and shared my passions, but the most valuable part of the night was near the end.

Teddy is a beautiful lady who played the bass the entire night, with every single musician that went up. She has incredible energy about her. I told her that I loved her music and her energy. She spoke to me saying that she could feel my beautiful energy too. Come to find out, she contacted us 5 months ago when Carlos and I were trying to get a band together. We already had some other guys playing with us, and soon after that I went into my holed up fear of singing again, and this I told her.

She told me the trick to singing is to breathe. That it is all about the breath. She noticed that my breathing is completely wrong for singing and put my hand on her belly to show me how she does it. I have always been breathing into my chest, not into my belly. I don't completely fill up my lungs. Everything makes so much sense to me now! The main thing that bothers me when I listen to my singing recorded is that I sound tense. Carlos doesn't hear, but it's all I hear in my music. An incredible tenseness that makes me feel totally uncomfortable just listening to it. If my breath was deep and easy, my singing would be easy and less tense. I told her I think a lot about the people watching me, the microphones, the amplification... she said not to think about anything - only think about my breath.

Since then I have been practicing my breath pretty constantly! :) I think this will save my life. One day I will be fearless.


NEW crochet addiction...

I've become a little obsessed with making crochet bangle bracelets...

They're funky, kinda retro, comfy as all get out... and super easy to make!

Step one - chain 6 and join together with slip stitch to form circle
Step two - go around and around til it gets long enough
Step three - join both ends together with a tapestry needle by sewing through the loops

Love em? I do! I offer them in my etsy shop for $5 each if you dig em but don't want to make your own... I make them in wool or cotton. :) Check it out - regrowroots.etsy.com

I take custom orders!

LoOove and LoOoOops!!! Thanks for supporting me and supporting handmade! :)


Oh My Garden!

Life is good. The garden is growing and flowers are in bloom. Bees are busy buzzing around, pollinating our squash blossoms and pollinating themselves. It's so funny to watch those big butted bumble bees fly out of a blossom totally covered in pollen. On their face, their feet, their butts. Silly bees! I have a frog that lives right outside my bedroom window and it just sits there all day and all night. It's a little one, maybe a few inches long. Sort of a pastel green color. There are beans growing up our window wall outside and the frog loves it there. So do the grasshoppers... they love eating the bean leaves.

Bountiful Mexican Beans cover our window and it's a jungle!

Those are squash in the front there. One of our 4 zucchini plants! There's a sidewalk at the front of the bed, so we are training the zucchini to crawl over to the side. It's amazing how quickly a plant takes the hint. It was going straight for the sidewalk and after three days of shoving the vines the other way, it caught on. We also have some delectable white patty pan squash plants. Buttery and delicious... Okay more pictures!

Reisentraube Tomatoes - they're extremely bountiful heirloom grape tomatoes

Tomatoes. Zucchini. Patty Pan. Morning Glory. Marigold. Pumpkin. Carrots. Basil. Okra. Eggplant.

Those tiny sprouts are tomatillos that Carlos just planted. Need to thin them soon.

Gourd growing up the wall. Morning glories up the patio. Pepper in front.
And a fun one from the beginnings of our gardening adventures...

Whoa. Big difference!

Most of our plants were started from seeds, many of them our own saved seeds. It's amazing to look at it and think it once fit in the palm of my hand!