NEW crochet addiction...

I've become a little obsessed with making crochet bangle bracelets...

They're funky, kinda retro, comfy as all get out... and super easy to make!

Step one - chain 6 and join together with slip stitch to form circle
Step two - go around and around til it gets long enough
Step three - join both ends together with a tapestry needle by sewing through the loops

Love em? I do! I offer them in my etsy shop for $5 each if you dig em but don't want to make your own... I make them in wool or cotton. :) Check it out - regrowroots.etsy.com

I take custom orders!

LoOove and LoOoOops!!! Thanks for supporting me and supporting handmade! :)


  1. Very nice...hope you have these on Etsy. They surely will sell :)

  2. Wow these are cool - I haven't done any crochet since I was much younger and event then all I did was lots of chains - no one ever taught me how to do it properly. So lots of single lines of chain... rather boooooring... Good luck selling your lovely addiction on so you can make more! Take care, Tracy Shave

  3. pchickki, I do have them etsy actually! But.. I haven't sold any yet. They rarely get found so I suppose I need to work on my SEO a little and advertise them more. I've pinned, wanelo, twitter, and facebooked... pimped em out! No sales yet, but I'm hoping! Fingers crossed...

    Traciness, thanks for checking out my blog! I so love to crochet. I make all sorts of funky stuff. These bracelets are so simple I whipped out loads of them in every color. I love your drawings on your blog.

  4. These are so fun to wear and I think they are fun to make as well! I wish I can crochet - I tried it once and it was not successful at all. Maybe when I find the time to pick it up again, I will try making these as they sound simple enough for a first timer. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Looking forward to more diys on your blog (:


  5. Hey mag, thank you for checking out my blog! They really are very simple. I'm sure if you ever take up crocheting, you will be able to figure these out. :)

  6. These these are so cool(: I wish. I could crotchet.

    kcody03 from swapbot
    Love comment blog(8)

  7. Hey ikcody - you can do it! If you really want to learn, watch some youtube videos. It's simple. :)

  8. Wow, what truly amazing crochet bangles. They are very beautiful and I love how you can just put them together so easily. It makes a great gift too. You have a natural talent. Love the bright colors as well. :) AnaGoncalves from Love Comment Blog 8 on Swapbot

    1. Thanks so much! :) I'm glad you like them.