the tale of two tomatoes

< the facts >

Two tomato plants are growing outside on our patio. They are in smallish handmade clay pots and they quite like it on the patio because it is south facing but gets ample shade from the ceiling above them so they are protected from the harsh sun. We filled the pots with aged donkey shit, mushroom compost, and a layer of banana peels for potassium plus egg shells for calcium and other minerals. Once a week I fertilize them with Mendocino County sea weed tea. For stakes we used sticks from the forest.

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< the residents >

Carlos and me, Desiree, who will be leaving this Sunday for the gathering and to travel a bit.
My mom and dad, who will be leaving in a couple weeks for their anniversary.
Many plants in the garden and on the patio.

< the dilemma >

Our tomato plants grew way tall, super fast and one day I noticed that our Chocolate Cherry tomato was very wilty and losing many leaves. As it turns out, it outgrew the stakes, leaned over our railing, and cracked open on its stem. Also, everyone on the patio will need to be watered while the family is away. Carlos and I moved a tomato to the garden bed that gets watered with the sprinklers but the sun was killing it... so we moved it back onto the patio.

< the climax >

DIY How to mend a cracked tomato stem:

gauze + cotton yarn = tomato cast

a happy, loved tomato is a healthy, delicious tomato

I came up with a way to water while everyone is vacationing!

DIY self watering container

inspired by "aqua globes" but free.. and "shabby chic"!


  1. Oh thank you! When I first attempted to fix the tomato stem, I used a strip of paper bag and then my dad gave me the idea to use gauze. I actually couldn't find real gauze so I used cheese cloth! The tomato plant is doing better and I'm hoping for a full recovery.

  2. Love your watering bottles! Looks like you take great care of your plants.

  3. Thank you! To update, the bottles would run out of water in 3 days so if I were to be away longer than that.. they wouldn't work. I'm sure I could come up with a way to make the water trickle out slower, perhaps stuffing cotton balls into the neck of the bottle of something like that.

  4. Yum! Tomatoes are my favourite vegetables, especially cherry tomatoes. However, I have not tried planting them at all. I have other plants though, mostly flowers, and maybe I should try the self-watering container idea when I'm out of the country during the upcoming December holidays. Such a clever idea!

    P.S. I love Instagram! Too bad Blackberry doesnt have one and I have to use my friends' ones ):

    mag // swapbot

  5. Mag - Tomatoes are great and they are the BEST when they are homegrown! I have had lots of issues with my tomatoes this year, but I finally have a few plants that are covered in little Reisentraube cherry style tomatoes and I can't wait til they ripen!