raw milk is so delicious

Today I'm going to share my experience with raw milk! :)

Growing up, I didn't care much for milk from the store. Store bought milk contains blood, pus, and fecal matter from cows which are kept in extreme confinement. They are overloaded with hormones and antibiotics. Milk is a massive industry controlled by a few large dairies so it's hard for them to pay much attention to hygiene and the well being of their animals. And all they care about is money.

A couple years ago I tried some raw milk, unpasteurized and unhomogenized and since then I have been a milk addict and drink 3 or 4 glasses of it every day! My milk comes from a local dairy where the cows eat green grass, relax in the shade of the trees, and they aren't given any hormones or antibiotics because they don't need them. From the milk we make butter, ice cream, cheese, and wonderful smoothies.Thank you Jersey cows!!!


  1. I was raised on raw milk. There is no comparison. Jersey cows are beautiful creatures. My aunt and uncle had a dairy farm and all their milk came from Jersey cows. I miss those days. I would watch my aunt churn butter, scoop the cream off the top of the milk and boy was she a good cook. The raw milk I'm sure was part of the deliciousness !

  2. That's wonderful! It's too bad we don't all live that way these days. I think people would be much better off if they ate lots of raw dairy instead of processed oils and stuff. We made butter from some of our raw milk today! We don't have a churn so we just put it in a mason jar and shake shake shake it up until it turns to butter! It takes a little while, but totally worth it. Maybe one day I'll have my own butter churn and a herd of goats! :)