Caretakers Update

We were supposed to go to the 16 acre farm where we were offered the caretaker positions, to take a look at the place and do some weeding this morning. We got up and ate breakfast at 8 and around 8:15 we got a call from Catherine. What I gathered from the short conversation with her is that she used to have a caretaker who no longer wanted to do it so she asked us, but then the guy changed his mind and wants to continue being the caretaker. So Carlos is back on the hunt for land. 

My parents are looking to buy a house somewhere near Branson, because my dad works in town. Their ideal is that they find a piece of land (5+ acres) so Carlos and I can grow veggies, raise chicken for eggs and meat, and raise some dairy goats. It's mine and Carlos' dream to have land so we can live a self sufficient life and share it with others. My family has been interested in the idea for about a year, but we still haven't found anything. Actually we have found a few places, but none have worked out so far. My parents lease is up this month so we have to find something real soon so Carlos has been a busy bee, looking all the time. He found a real nice one today, but I don't want to say too much about it. :)

 I was feeling real down this morning. A caretaker position would have been so wonderful and I was looking very forward to it. It made me wonder what I should do and it made me feel like I'm waiting for something to happen instead of making it happen. I feel better now. My parents are starting to support Carlos in his search more and become more active themselves. AND I got a lot of work done this morning. I finished some new dish cloths and face scrubbers. Crocheting is such a mellow out activity. It calmed my mind to sit on the patio bench and zone out. Wish us luck with the land endeavor! :)

 Thanks for stopping by.
 Lots of love, Desiree

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