Moon Cycle Farming

I have officially begun experimenting with gardening by the moon cycle. All I know is what I have read, but I understand that basics of it pretty well. The moon has a gravitational pull on the planet's water. When I was a kid I learned about the ocean tides in relation to the moon, but until recently I never thought about the effect of the moon on the groundwater and the rest of the water on earth.

What I have learned so far...

New Moon:
A time to maintain the garden. State of rest. Growth of plants is steady and stable. Plant damage is repaired. Time to cultivate, harvest, transplant, prune, till, add necessary ammendments.

WAXING - a time of increasing moonlight
From New Moon to Second 1/4 Moon:
Plant leafy crops and all gymnosperms - plants with seeds exposed on outer portion (greens, corn).
From Second 1/4 to Full Moon:
Plant angiosperms - plants with seeds enclosed in an ovary (beans, eggplant, squash).

Full Moon:
Do no planting. It is the apex of the above ground planting cycle. Seeds planted during waxing moon should be sprouting. A time of balanced growth and period when plants establish themselves. Soil preparation and ammendments can be done during this time. Harvesting is best done during full moon. Herbs and veggies are at peak flavor and nutrition.

WANING - a time of decreasing moonlight
From Full Moon to Third 1/4 Moon:
Gravitational effects drain moisture down through soil. Plant biennials, perennials, bulbs, root plants, trees, and shrubs.
Third 1/4 Moon to New Moon:
Garden Maintenance! Cultivate soil, weed, and remove unwanted plants. Prune. No planting. Timber cut during this time dries out better. Best time to weed because the weed seeds and roots will have a harder time reaching water.

If anyone has any information to add this, please do! I'm a beginner and have much learning to do.

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