Ecocide - part 1

I have been reading and thinking, pondering and scheming... nothing new. What has got my heart tied in a knot, my brain flip flopping all around is a long tale, the story of civilization. From it's birth in Mespotamia 7000 years ago, it rages on but faster and dirtier than ever. Thinking "green" is not enough to turn this sad story around, an end to civilization and an abrupt end to all fossil fuel use seems to me the only answer. Outrageous to even think of it, I know, but what's more important - a healthy economy or a liveable planet? I'll take the latter. Two hundred species go extinct every day, using a cloth bag to throw my farm bought, organic produce in won't bring them back. Of course a healthy diet without pesticide poisoning is important, but it's not enough to change the state of the world. THe government wants to run everyone in this country to cities so the destruction of our landbase goes unnoticed. They're doing a damn good job at it. I recently saw a film called Gasland that presented some grave details about the natural gas industry. This apparent "clean" fossil fuel deserves a blog all it's own but let me just say that they are pumping some very deadly, toxic chemicals into the ground seeping into the groundwater of many peoples wherever natural gas is being drilled. These people have cancer, irreversible brain damage, flammable water that obviously should not be used for anyone.. and many of them aren't even aware. It's absolutely horendous.

Some say that violence is not the answer, that we must kill with kindness. While we are sending thoughts of love to every CEO in the country, they are making millions of dollars while murdering people, animals, and land all over the world. This is violence. This is genocide. I will not stand by and witness genocide without fighting to stop it. This is a call to action. I don't know what to do yet, but the answer will come to me and while I wait, I hope everyone else opens their eyes and admits that what is going on is murder. The corporations and governments are the murderers, but we are watching is happen.

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