Goin' to California!

I'm really going! Harrison is packing my car right now and we're leaving at 10AM tomorrow!!! 

First stop - Amarillo. We're driving north through Oklahoma and then headed east, back through Tejas for a minute and stopping at the "Grand Canyon of Texas" aka Palo Duro Canyon. Just staying a night, since we don't want to be in a rush especially now that I have a broken foot. We went to Austin for my last weekend in the big TX. Met this way cool dude at a chopper shop, hung out with him at his sweetest house I've ever seen, then we girls took a lil walk with the dogs in the woods. I climbed a railing jumped off, and completely effed my foot but hey, I can totally drive! My antique bunny Rabbit WILL make it to San Diego.
Aaand 2nd stop - Santa Fe National Park = free camping and 12 miles from downtown! super sweet

Side note: October 24 is a global day for climate change. Go to 350.org and check out what's going on in your neck of the woods. We'll be doing a march to the capitol in Santa Fe!

3rd Stop - probably Flagstaff... I hear it's pretty.
Last Stop - Oceanside, CA We plan to be there by October 30th.

I'm a reindeer for Halloween, not Christmas. Wish I could help load the car! Stupid broken foot.

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