Here I am in Oceanside, CA!

It's 9:45 in the morning and I'm throwin back a beer. Unemployment is super sweet!

Our road trip was a total blast, but very short-lived. The weekend before we left, I broke my effin foot! We left on the 21st & drove to Amarillo, through Oklahoma, and it rained the entire way until we got there. Stayed at "the grand canyon of Texas" ... Palo Duro Canyon. It was pretty and free so yay to that! Next morning we ate the hugest breakfast ever and set off to SANTA FE! It was amazing there. Got there pretty early in the afternoon, pitstopped at REI for some gloves, drove around to see the sights, badass trains, amazing adobe architecture, humble and quaint. We loved it there. Went up a mountain to Santa Fe National Forest to set up camp, but Harrison started to get real worried about the broken foot situation and thought it would be best to make our way to California the next day. We drove to Gallup, NM a couple hours away and stayed at Red Rock Park - the most stars I have ever seen in my life! Woke up the next morning, got gas, and drove drove drove to California only making a 90 minute stop in Flagstaff (also gorgeous).

Now what? I've been looking for galleries and making jewelry to sell somewhere like a local farmers market perhaps. I would love to dedicate my time to only my passions - my art, volunteer work for animals/environment, making jewelry... sounds good!

In other news:
WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS OIL SPILL ABOUT? If the US doesn't know how to stop an oil spill and fix the situation, why the hell are we drilling in our oceans?! It seems pretty obvious that this shouldn't be happening. Check out this sweet blog: http://irregulartimes.com/index.php/archives/2009/10/27/oil-spill-repair-delayed-yet-again/

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