October 5, 2010

The following is my first journal entry in my official travel journal that I got from one of my rides while I was hitch hiking. It was my first hitch hiking trip and every single day of it was absolutely incredible. We saw incredible places, met awesome people, and I learned a lot about myself.

October 5, 2010
I just woke up on the shore of Bolinas, otherwise known as Bobo by some folks. We had to get out of the city yesterday, too much time in the city. It was a great time though, bluegrass music all weekend. We took the bus over the Golden Gate Bridge to the much more beautiful side, Marin County. From there we were picked up by a dark haired, angular featured young man who took us to his house in Mount Hill, or I think that was the name of it. He gave us some much needed maps of Northern California and Oregon which he had from his recent 2 week hitch hiking trip to Portland. He also gifted us with trail mix, natural bug spray, pens, and this notebook the he never even used. He recommended the tiny little surf town, Bolinas, and so did Trevor who rode his bike passed us on the corner. "Just be like YO GOIN TO BO BO!" It wasn't long before we got a ride from a very pleasant, well-spoken older gentleman who followed an ex-wife here and never left. Originally from Ireland, but spending much of his life in England and the US, he had a wonderful accent. He works in "show biz" doing anything he can to make some money, but his true love is the independent radio station which he reads books on. The station has political talk shows and local bands.

This tiny town was absolutely amazing to get to and has proven to be a place of real character. IT's located just to the north of the San Andreas fault line on the Pacific plate. The San Andrea is (the rains in Oregon got my journal wet and this part smudged) the earth, 2 huge plates knocking up against one another for thousands or maybe millions of years, which created the Sierra Nevada mountains. In the recent century though, the Pacific and North American plates haven't been pushing against eachother, but rubbing together and while the North American plate is staying in place, the Pacific plate is being pushed further north. Where the water meets the fault is stunning... kind of like this.

This doesn't even begin to depict how amazing it is. The trees have gotten bigger (smuuuuudge) grow the further north we go. Impressive conifers alongside oaks and coastal scrub habitat. The winding road of Highway 1 along this much preserved coastline astonishes me daily.

I brought a camera with me for the trip, but unfortunately I forgot the charger and ran out of battery a few days into it! The pictures are in my mind and here's a picture of Bolinas I found online:

More entries from my travels are in the future, stay tuned!

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  1. Love Comment Blog ♥ (8) Swap (1/3) Piimanyx

    I love travel !!! Pictures do dreaming !
    I was too in holiday the last week, and Like you, I had put my camera, and I forget the SD Card x) !!! To bad x) !