Symbiosis.. is that a word?

I have been thinking about the symbiotic relationship between all things...

The Dalai Lama says that I should not look at one thing as just THAT thing. For example a door is not just a door. There is a hole in the wall in front of me, strategically placed so that if I go through it I will end up in the hallway that leads to the bathroom, my parents room, the living room, and beyond that... the outside world! So in this hole in the wall stands a door that fits just perfectly and is held up with hinges on the top and bottom to swing in and out... etc etc etc. So the door is not just a door. It exists as a door because of all the other factors.

This is like everything in the universe. It all exists because everything else exists. When one thing disappears, other things disappear. This allows new things to grow. There is no emptiness, only opportunity.

Emptying my mind allows creativity in. It is not empty, but an opportunity for brand new thoughts to swim, fly, hop... skip sing paint frollick dance yell laugh squeek.

I started school yesterday. It's an online Naturopathy course and I LOVE it. Sandy Hill Institute of Natural Sciences
It's free. And today I learned this -

There is a book that most universities use in their doctor courses, to teach the doctors of our future. This leading medical book is called "Principles of Internal Medicine". This book has 7 authors, 6 of which graduated from Harvard Medical School. One of the primary donors of money to Harvard Medical School is the Rockefeller family. This family also controls the pharmaceutical industry... which sponsors Harvard Medical School. Sounds to me like a monopoly on the health of our country and it's all invested in drugs. Let's leave it at that.

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