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San Diego - last month

Today was just another day:
It's Monday so no work for me. Took care of a couple errandy things like I normally do on Mondays. Woke up in my boo's bed, went downstairs, had a real funny conversation with his upstairs next door roommate:

"Can you do me a favor?" - roomie
"Probably, what is it?" - dd
"Can you stop going to the bathroom early in the morning?"
"I have to pee at night."
"Can you stop?"
"Do you want me to go downstairs?|"
"I want you to stop peeing."
"People have to pee at all times of the day."

weird kid.

Had to get a new drivers license at the DMV since I lost it a while back - been using my passport and I must admit I feel real cool when I go to bars. Recently I attained several more tickets to add to my collection, one being driving without a license, so I needed to finally take care of that. Good news: the DMV only took literally 5 minutes to get in and out (burger eww)! 7 tickets in 6 months - what... the... fuck?!

I'm moving in with my boyfriend's mama in Oceanside, right 10-15 minutes walking distance from the beach where everyday is gorgeous and filled with new adventures/inspirations/ideas... finally getting out of Tejas!!! Been here way too long. 20 years is enuff. Looking to work for a non-profit group while I'm there and spend a lot of time on my art & outdoors. The mama is helping me get on the ball with art, maybe find interested parties. We'll see where my muskrat lover Harrison goes with his job.
  • saving money for an RV
  • going to live in it while we save to TRAVEL up to Alaska
  • roadtrip roadtrip roadtrip
  • quality time with all our great friends before we leave
  • WWOOF = World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms
  • live off the grid... one day
are an experience! always a good one.

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